About Us

Our ‘Company’:

  • A Physics PhD who overanalyzes everything and gets WAY too deep into any hobby he’s ever started. 
  • A master technician who can take apart and fix literally anything
  • A costume/cosplay designer who turns ideas into physical forms and shapes as a full time job.  
  • Yes, this is a bulleted list.  That's the kind of nerd I am

We live near Portland, OR, which has great flying weather for half of the year, and great 'sitting indoors designing stuff' weather for the other half.  Trust us, we are exactly the people you want designing your race frames.  


Our Design Philosophy:   If we want something to exist that we can't find or buy easily, we create it.  There are a lot of great frames out there, but none of them check all the boxes we wanted in a race frame: Skinny but deep arms, simple construction, easy to find replacements of all parts, as light as is reasonable.  You'll find that with our other products as well.  We aren't trying to change the game, but we are editing and tweaking and improving on things that we want to have, and we're sharing those with the rest of the hobby.