Budget Parts List

Want to have like 80% of the performance with 50% of the build cost? Here's our list for cheaper, but still decent quality components: 


For links and such, see the rotorbuilds page: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/20997

Motors: Anything with "Eco" in the name.  Emax Eco, the new BrotherHobby ones, Xing Eco...

ESC:  Spedix IS40 , Succex makes a decent looking FC/ESC pair for $64 or so

FC: CLRacing MINI 20x20 SLF4S

Camera:  Runcam Robin, Foxeer Micro Razer

Rx: XM+

 AKK Oscar's Backpack, any of the many cheap / small u.FL VTX's out there...

VTX Antenna: Xilo Axii

Batteries: 6S 1050-1250mah. CNHL, Ovonic, etc..