Multiplier Build Guide

Build Guide: 

  1. Frame Prep: 
  • Chamfer the portion of the mid plate that the strap will pass over. 
  • Apply super thin CA glue to seal the edges of all of the arms.
  1. Make the frame!  There are only 2 lengths of screws included; 14mm and 10mm: 


  • 14 or mm Alu (or Ti) bolts through the bottom plate, arms, and mid plate, into standoffs on the outer holes, 30mm nylon on the inner holes. 
  • 14 mm bolts to the motor holes with braces, 10mm to those without (may need slightly different lengths for different motor base heights)
  • 10mm through the pod to the standoffs
  1. Put the shit on:
    • 14 mm bolts for the motor holes with braces, 10mm bolts for the motor holes without.  The margins for error here are super thin, so you may want to cut a ~1mm off the top of the bolts.  You want to just be able to see the top of the bolt above the motor mount, but no threads protruding out to touch motor windings or wires.
    • Using nuts as spacers will make changing arms way harder than it needs to be. Save the nuts for the top only.  Now is a good time to conformal coat stuff you won't have access to later. 
    • The stack should (can) go like this:
      - Spacers so that you can fit a strap between the frame and the ESC
      - ESC
      -Spacers so that the FC won't touch the ESC.  Specifically check the JST, the USB and any tall components like square inductors, etc.
      -Spacers for the top plate to clear the FC
      -20*20 Fiberglass top plate
      -Rx, Vtx

    My exact stack (from the bottom up) : 
      • 1mm nylon spacer
      • rubber o-ring
      • AK32PIN with black (not red) gummies, battery pads on the left side facing up
      • rubber o-ring
      • 1mm spacer
      • Talon Fusion F7 with black gummies with the USB on the right side facing up
      • rubber o-ring
      • 1mm spacer
      • pyro-drone 20x20 FC stack cover
      • nylon nut
    • With the ESC in place on the frame, attach the motor wires and XT-60 pigtail.  Route the pigtail out the side, so you can put a battery strap over it once plugged in.  I use 14ga AWG ~65mm long for my battery pigtails.
    • Mount the camera to the pod (it's a good idea to get the lens focused and the stupid OSD stuff removed BEFORE you do this)
    • Mount an antenna to the VTX (to avoid powering it on without one)
    • Mount the Vtx to the back of the camera, or the top of the stack.
    • Use Zipties and Heat Shrink to mount the Rx antennas (unless crossfire, then, you figure it out) to the standoffs.

      1. Fly it.
      2. This is all a work in progress.  Please contact me with anything you think should be updated.