Stuff We Like

Here are some (affiliate) links for stuff I think is fantastic for the hobby.

Favorite Tools:
2mm for most button head M3 stuff and the oversized runcam camera screws.  2.5mm for M3 socket cap screws, 1.5mm for standard sized M2 screws.  Absolutely love those pliers, and the diagonal cutters are nothing special, but they're cheap so I replace them 1x/year and they work great.


Love Gloves: 
I've joked about selling these for double the price as "FPV Specific Prop Changing Gloves".  They work fantastically, and better than any motor wrench available.  Excellent for installing and removing props without cutting your fingers.



Small Parts: 

Most of these have much cheaper non-prime versions, but shipping takes 3 weeks. Buy the cheap stuff now and it'll show up by the time you need it? 

Solder Matters:
Friends don't let friends buy shitty solder. 63/37, rosin core, and from a reputable manufacturer like Kester, Alpha Fry, or MG Chemical. This is what I use. I actually have .02" and .031", but I don't really use the .02 that often. I use a weller WES51, but if I had to start over I'd buy the Aoyue 9378 Pro at